shown at the Oculus/ World Trade Center Station


The work “24/7“ is to explore the notion of self through the perception of time.

It is an installation that is composed of two sets of 7 standing alone devices that represent strokes of the Chinese character “self“ and "you".  Each set of the 7 devices mimics the progression of time in the way that each stroke will be rotating with a central axis like clock needles. All "strokes" are placed in a way to be perceived separately as the word “self“ every 60 seconds/ 1 minute and  the word “you“ every 60 minutes/ 1 hour.






作品“24/7”, “七天二十四小时”以时间为媒介,以实体装置为形式探索了现实中“自我”与“他人”的关系。此作品由两组七个独立部件的装置组成,每一个独立部件代表着“我”和“你”的笔画且围绕着各自的中心轴就像时钟上的指针一样模仿时间的进程。 当两组装置被各自放置在一起时,每过六十秒“我”字会出现一次,每过六十分钟“你”字会出现一次。