Ebb and Flo​w


Kinetic Light Sculpture


Kinetic Light Installation


Designer and Fabricator



Illustrator/ laser-cut



Light is always perceived as a static element, and we want to break that boundary and explore light in a more vivid vision. The project is to use light as a medium of art through motion and refraction that reveals tangible and natural phenomena like “Ebb and flow”, which is to create a recurrent/ rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth through light.

Project Developments

Brainstorming and Collaboration

Brainstorm and collaborate with digital artist Xinyue Li

Concept Development & Proposal

The project uses light as an art medium to transform and express the motion of water.


Material and Light Effect Testing

Throughout the design process, transparent materials in various shapes and forms, light sources and various kinds of liquid were tested.

The project was iterated through different schematic designs and eventually articulated as a suspended kinetic light sculpture.


Physical computing

Step motors and mechanism



  • 12 acrylic cylinders filled with oil

  • 24 ultrabright LED

  • 24 laser-cut acrylic enclosure

  • 24 laser-cut pivoting wooden discs

  • 2 Step Motor

  • 2 wood axis

  • Base board

  • Fishwire

  • Powersource

  • Arduino