Duplex penthouse in Toren Brooklyn, 2016
150 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

An interpretation of  traditional Japanese architecture into modern penthouse

The dwelling concept is based on integrating interior garden and flexible space into the existing modern interior informed by the investigations of traditional Japanese architecture. The design strategy is to create an experience that allows for a circulation that reflects the traditional Engawa corridor with flexible partitions that gives the apartment many possibilities as rooms can be dynamically reconfigured. 


The concept of “living space“ instead of living room is derived from traditional Japanese architectures, which is translated into the design that the smaller scaled space can be integrated and redefined as bigger scaled space once the partitions are relocated. Programs are organized in space on a grid that is informed by the existing lighting condition, and defined by three types of partitions that function as solid structure (Amado), translucent sliding doors  (Shoji), and transparent windows (Fusuma).