Hi there!

My name is Elvin Ou.


I'm an XR designer that straddles interaction and spatial design. All my past work has been aiming to encourage human interaction in the intersection of digital media and the physical environment.


In the contemporary moment, the contradiction of maximizing flexibility and our desire to present personal stories puts stress on the prescriptiveness of design. I want to design in that tension between a given narrative and the individual experience. I believe that the key to unlocking the nuance in this delicate balance is through an added layer of digital experience. My creative thinking, design skills and technology are used to manipulate a wide gamut of tools in order to shorten the bridge of communication.




New York University


Pratt Institute


Visiting Assistant Professor

• The course introduces students to interactive design installation concepts through a review of historical 
   and current precedents with a basic primer to Physical Computing to augment the relationship between 
   the user and the built environment

Co-founder & Experience/Spatial design Lead

• Co-founder of Neonblack Studio, partnering effectively with multidisciplinary artists, designers, 
   technologists, venues, curators, press, vendors and fabricators
• Create VR prototypes for playtesting to enable project confirmation before final physical production
• Design compelling site-specific immersive interactive experiences 
• Concept development driven by culture and innovative technology
• Contribute to technical development including kinect, motion graphic, projection mapping, lighting, etc.
• Understanding of installation design and fabrication, on-site preparation and revision
• Strong organizational, multi-tasking, and time management abilities

Interior Design Intern

• Experience with high-end residential and hospitality design
• Assist and learn the specifications and scheduling of furniture & finish, along with ordering and shipping 
• Solid communication and presentation preparation experience 
• Work under the supervision of a studio director and senior-level team member to develop design ideas
• Produce graphic presentations and renderings, and revise construction drawings
• Experience with 2D/3D software including Revit, AutoCAD,  SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, 
   InDesign, Illustrator), and MS Office

Interior Design Intern

• Completion of five prototype store designs for KFC CHINA pitch; two of five prototypes won
• Assist in preparation of interior designs, calculations, sketches, diagrams, schematic drawings and VR
• Work under the supervision of a project manager and senior-level team member to develop design ideas
• Experience with 2D/3D software including Lumion, AutoCAD,  SketchUp, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, 
   InDesign, Illustrator), and MS Office