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Coach Play x  Singapore

In a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary tropes, Coach announced the opening of Coach Play Singapore Shophouse on Keong Saik Road. The bespoke concept space is the first of its kind in Asia—and also the largest globally, spanning over 4,000 square feet—and offers a unique consumer experience on each of its three levels. Elvin led and designed the digital experience of the whole popup including the entrance, staircase, and the mirror room.


Co-led Experience Design





Visitors are greeted at the entrance with a luminous visual display showing snippets of the Coach World Art Experience while a mirror room with LED display on the top floor—dubbed Coach World—provides a surreal viewing experience as it dispenses a tale of the house’s heritage and craft legacy.

With the all-inclusive space designed for interaction, community engagement is at the forefront. Coach Play Singapore Shophouse is intended to foster meaningful relationships within the local fashion community, a place for all.

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