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Coach x White Rabbit Shanghai Event

Elvin led and designed Coach's biggest immersive multi-sensorial installation to date to celebrate the collaboration with “White Rabbit” including a branded facade with evening projections, a digital craft experience where visitors are immersed in the sound & smell of Coach craftsmanship; Coachland - a playful sensorial light installation. The event also features a Coach x White Rabbit cafe with delicious bespoke sweet treats. 


Lead Experience Design





To showcase the exclusive Coach x White Rabbit collection, Coach invites you to go down the rabbit hole into a world of immersive experience.


A series of interconnected spaces that explore different aspects of the collection, we invite you to explore our craft, heritage, and the collection in a series of spaces that play with the senses. 

Digital Tour

A virtual tour was created on Wechat for customers to experience the space digitally.

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