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Mirage Well

The project Mirage well created an immersion in the underwater world. The space is divided horizontally into two parts by the lighting installation/ the well. At the beginning of the experience, viewers will enter from the entrance of the venue on one side of “the well“ into “the world above“ and then progress into the “the world under“ and submerged in projection-mapped space with interaction by two Kinect sensors and six powerful projectors.


Lead Experience Design


Neonblack Studio



Well, as one of the earliest man-made structures to access groundwater, was the first step to break the limitation of the land, and explore a world beyond the plain and familiar.


The circular structure of the well manifests multiple layers of semiotic meanings — it is a container, a frame, a portal to the unknown, and a reflection. We stand inside and look at the world framed by the well; we stand above and stare down at this black hole of imaginations and unrealities. ​

Project Developments

The concept "Mirage Well" was adapted into two completely different venues in Shanghai and Beijing through stages of redesigning, VR prototyping, recalculation of tech capacity, production, and installation.

VR Prototyping

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