Mirage Well 


Immersive interactive installation, Shanghai & Beijing, 2019


Immersive Interactive Installation


 Experience & Spatial Design Lead


Unreal Engine Blueprint







Shanghai Banbo Art Center
Shanghai Auto Art Center

Well, as one of the earliest man-made structures to access groundwater, was the first step to break the limitation of the land and explore a world beyond the plain and familiar. The circular structure of the well manifests multiple layers of semiotic meanings — it is a container, a frame, a portal to the unknown, and a reflection.


We stand inside and look at the world framed by the well; we stand above and stare down at this black hole of imaginations and unrealities.

井 ,是 源 泉 也 是 黑 洞 ,通 向 希 望 与 未 知 。

好 像 梦 中 的 传 送 门 ,一 切 都 是 失 衡 的 ,里 外 的 世 界 或 真 实 或 虚 无 ,所 有 的 丰 富 都 是 虚 幻 。 我 们 是 站 在 外 面 凝 视 井 底 的 人 ,也 是 住 在 井 里 的 人 。

Project Developments


Brainstorming & Collaboration

Co-founder of Neonblack Studio, partnering effectively with multidisciplinary artists, designers, technologists, venues, curators, press, vendors, and fabricators

Concept Development & Proposal

Concept development driven by culture and innovative technology


Contact Venues & Site Visit

Design compelling site-specific immersive interactive experiences 

Schematic Design

Conceptual development, sketches, diagrams,and schematic drawings 

Create VR prototype

Create VR prototypes for playtesting to enable project confirmation before final physical production

Tech & Content Development

Contribute to technical development including kinect, motion graphic, projection mapping, lighting, etc.


Preparation for Physical Installation

Understanding of installation design and fabrication, on-site preparation and revision

On-site Preparation and Installation

Grand Opening